We need to change our attitudes towards water

I was kindly approached by CIEEM a few months ago to write for their brand new blog that launched today. To help link with their Irish Conference, I decided to write about water. It has always baffled me the little respect we have for water as a country (the United Kingdom). We use it as if it’s an endless free resource. It’s absolutely not. So I looked a little into it…

Water. Have you ever known a day without free and copious access to it? When the taps just stopped? Do you ever contemplate where your water comes from, where it goes once you’ve sent it down the drain, or how many times a day you flush the toilet? The thing is, water is pretty important, vital you could even say. So why don’t we value it and what can we do to change our attitudes towards water?

16 billion litres, every single day

Have you ever swam in an Olympic sized swimming pool? Try to imagine 6,400 of them. That’s the amount of clean drinking water we consume in England and Wales every day. Yes, that’s 16 billion litres
every single day….

Read the rest of the blog on the CIEEM website provided below.

The new CIEEM website it looking rather fabulous and it is an honour to have my name up on their news pages. If you want to give the blog a full read, head on over to the site here to read why we need to change our attitude towards water.

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