Read all about the #PeoplesWalkForWildlife via ‘a new nature blog’

I was considering writing my own piece on attending my very first march through the streets of London, choosing the inspiring and remarkable event that was The People’s Walk for Wildlife to do so. I cannot explain the feeling it fills inside you when you gather with 10,000 people all calling for a change of course, a better future for all of us, for the entire planet. It was empowering to say to least. BUT… having read the post from Miles King, I thought he summed it up perfectly, so I am encouraging you to read it…

It was a soggy Saturday. The People marched, quietly, fiercely, joyfully, through the West End of London. Many played the magical sound of a dawn chorus from their phones. A remarkable human squid walked alongside Sussex University’s Professor Dave Goulson in a Bee-suit. Running repairs were made to a giant stag-beetle, which had lost […]


Please check out his blog and read the rest of the post via this link The People’s Walk for Wildlife — a new nature blog

The Manifesto

The walk was complemented with the launch of the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife. Written by Chris Packham and 17 other independent environmentalists. It is a fantastic piece of work we should be proud to stand by and use to drive change across the UK.

A marker has been put down

Miles summarises it so well in his final words:

For me, this feels like a marker has been put down. It feels like it could become something significant. That people will realise that if we don’t act now, it will be all too late. Perhaps it already is too late, but we have to believe that things can change.

There has been a huge call for a #PeoplesWalkForWildlife to be hosted in towns and cities all across the UK and to be hosted annually, so watch this space – there may be a walk coming to you very soon! For now, though, grab a cuppa, get comfy and have a read of the Manifesto.


Cover image from Chris Packham via Twitter here: 

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