Boost your health in 5 minutes

Research from the University of Essex determined that a simple five-minute dose of nature can have a significantly positive effect on self-esteem and mental health. The study looked into over 1250 people, analysing their activities, such as fishing, cycling, horse-riding, walking and gardening.

Stress and Mental Health

With the increasing pressures on modern-day lifestyles, mental health issues have increased dramatically. 46% of those claiming Employment and Support Allowance and 39% of work-related illnesses are down to stress and mental health conditions. This has been estimated to cost taxpayers and businesses over £105 billion a year, according to the government.

Evidence showing the positive effects of nature

It has been well documented that nature can have positive effects on behaviour and emotional stability, but, as commented by Jules Pretty, Researcher at the University of Essex, “For the first time in the scientific literature, we have been able to show dose-response relationships for the positive effects of nature on human mental health.”

So in order to restore your mind from mental fatigue, all you need is a swift dose of nature. Find your local park, jump on your bike, take a trip out to your nearest nature reserve, or simply get out in the garden.

Sit, breathe, relax. 5 minutes is all it takes.

If you want some more inspiration on how to get your dose of nature, click to take a peek at our Wild Weekends blog post.

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