Are You Eating Plastic for Dinner?

This video has been created by a student, Andreas Tanner, who was overwhelmed by the amount of litter found on a secluded beach whilst on holiday. The 3-D animation explores how our excessive consumption of plastics has hugely affected marine species across the world causing death and increased human health risks.

Watch it and find out for yourself:

The solution? There isn’t one single answer, other than changing our individual habits. Everyone can do something, no matter how little, to help reduce the amount of plastic we consume and that eventually ends up in our seas. Some ideas that you can do NOW:

  • Use reusable material bags (you can find some made out of recycled bottles!);
  • Avoid product with too much, or any plastic packaging;
  • Don’t purchase any products with “microbeads”;
  • Recycle plastics whenever and wherever you can, either in your weekly collection or by taking it to your local recycling centre;
  • Put pressure on your local council and government to reduce plastics and drive recycling initiatives.

Watch this great video for some tips on reusing your plastic bottles and turning them into brand new, functional things:

Don’t just sit there and do nothing, we all have the power to make a difference. 

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