Microwave VS Oven

So I wanted to write a blog all about how using an oven over a microwave was so much better for you for all the right reasons, but I fell at the first point of research… cost. My wishful thinking was hoping I would see statistics stating that using an oven saved you £££s over using a microwave, but of course, it doesn’t. A microwave consumes far less energy, at least half that of an oven for the same food type. And not to mention it’s just plain quicker.

So the microwave ticks the boxes of two hugely important factors for people of this day and age – time and money. As a result, encouraging every modern family (or individual) to use the microwave for the vast majority of their meal-time makings.

And yes, I have to agree, the microwave is an awesome invention, but when you are forced to live without one because you have no space to put it [like I have], you start to see it in a different light.

My boyfriend and I are generally fairly healthy eaters(ish), but not having a microwave has forced us to think more about the food we eat – because we actually have to cook it. It has made us experiment, ensured we always buy fresh ingredients that we NEED [not just stay in a cupboard/freezer for years] and helped us stay away from those nasty microwave meals that are full of salt, fat and all sorts of badness.

It has taken me months to stop the mini tantrums that come when all I want to do is warm something up in 30 seconds, along with the subsequent urge to go out and buy a microwave and just squeeze it in somewhere, anywhere in this tiny house. The biggest challenge was reheating leftovers. Leftovers are a really important money-saver, by making larger portions to divie out for lunch and dinner the next day can actually save you £££s. So when I was stuck eating cold leftovers because I couldn’t heat it up with ease I was frustrated and uncomforted.

All I had was the oven, I took a breath and unconvincingly turned it on full (220°C). I soon found out that 10 minutes is literally all it takes for pretty much any single portion to heat up – from curry to a pasta bake. And I can honestly say that it tastes ten times better heated up in the oven than it ever did in the microwave (I use a glass Pyrex dish to heat everything).

So, despite apparently saving us a little time and money, the microwave is actually making us lazy, turning us fat and ruining the taste of great food. Do you really need any more reasons to ditch it? Join me over in the oven corner!

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