Hello and welcome to #theroadtowild

Great to have you on board!┬áLet me introduce #theroadtowild…

This is a place where musings on wildlife and our urban lives come together; where the complexities of sustainability are questioned as well as striven toward; where micro-adventures are hailed for the ‘normal’ human-being seeking to live a life of wonderment whilst also battling with reality; where weeds are merely unloved flowers; where cities and nature have no boundaries; where exploration can be just as enlightening on your own doorstep as it is travelling over the oceans.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and that we were able set aglow your own journey on #theroadtowild.

Be Better, Be Kind, Read Always

Life is hard enough as it is without beating ourselves up about not quite being the best we can be. We all just need to be a little bit ‘better’ instead. Find blogs to inspire, musings to reflect on and fantastic books to add to your reading list… enjoy #theroadtowild.

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